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Our headquarters in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Our Partners from Italy, Spain, Korea & Taiwan, are engaged in the development and manufacturing of Manual Mobile Shelving’s and Automated Vertical storage and retrievals, Lean Lifts etc., these Solutions are used primarily for the storage of spare parts and products as well as documents, offering up to 80% saving of space used to store inventory or documents companies across various industrial sectors, which stores parts, either the government, enterprises and institutions used to store files etc., our products can be used in terms of cost savings, increase revenue and enhance productivity and efficient use of man power and it is used to store spare parts, products or files to ensure the safety of theft, damage or loss more about our products increase the storage capacity of up to 80% storage systems we are dealing with very low on maintenance cost and energy consumption and design very easier to operate.
For automatic systems, developed with built-in software for the interface, which enables the machine to operation at the click of a mouse.

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  • Mobile shelving and automated storage systems
  • automatizzati a piani rotanti rotanti

Automated Office filing Systems

Automated Office Filing System

This is a filing system with rotary shelves for the storage of documents or light material with small/medium dimensions; it is the ideal solution to operate in limited spaces and in ergonomics, when a quick file consultation is required.

The main feature of this system consists in fact in providing the operator with the document or the material requested, in the consultation area with high speed, as the rotary shelves always follow the shortest path to reach the operator.

Office Mobile Storage Shelving System

Office Mobile Shelving System

This mobile shelving is a filing system consisting of mobile bases that can be electrically or mechanically driven. The solution with compact mobile modules enables to double the number of documents stored compared to traditional shelving system still occupying the same area. Thanks to the movement of the bases, it is possible to access the required corridor. The handling system without the use of rails, differences of levels or platforms is patented and does not require making holes or damaging the existing floor on which the system is only placed.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture's 

Our goal: to make the place of work as appealing, productive and healthy as possible. Our furniture is to be found in countless successful companies and  organizations, as well as in the Ministries & many private individuals with a feel for design. Active internationally, we work together with the major designers of the day. For over 15 years now, we have been Supplying the furniture created by the famous designers, The Company also owes its success to its dedicated staff who works together as one team, cooperating with clients and suppliers, approaching new technologies and being committed to accomplishing the objectives of the Alawi Tunsi Establishments.

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